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best prop trading firms for beginners
Best Prop Trading Firms For Beginners

Best prop trading firms: Investing in stocks, commodities, bonds, etc. is referred to as proprietary trading.

In order to maximise earnings, banks and other financial organisations engage in proprietary trading.
These businesses gain more from proprietary trading because they have access to more market information than the typical investor.

These businesses also profit from having top-notch modelling and trading tools.

Additionally, proprietary traders use a variety of strategies, including volatility arbitrage, global macro-trading, index arbitrage, and merger arbitrage, to create and enhance profits.

Additionally, proprietary traders are given access to sophisticated tools and knowledge-based databases to aid in their decision-making.

Despite the danger, proprietary trading is typically one of a commercial bank’s most lucrative businesses.
On the other hand, the Volcker rule, which severely restricts the operation of proprietary trading, governs the capacity of proprietary traders to do business.

This guideline is primarily in place to protect the firm’s clients from any potential conflicts of interest.

Best Proprietary Trading FirmsKey FactsVisit the Firm 
FTMOBest Overall Prop Firm
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Fidel CrestBest prop trading
firm for Beginners
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How Does Prop Trading Operate?

When a trader at a financial institution, stock company, investment bank, hedge fund, or other liquidity source makes use of the firm’s capital and balance sheet to carry out financial transactions for its advantage, such practise is known as proprietary trading.

These trades, which utilise a variety of derivatives or other sophisticated investing tools, are typically very unexpected.


Increased earnings are one advantage of proprietary trading.
In contrast to functioning as a broker and getting commissions, when a corporation engages in prop trading, it earns 100% of the gains.
Because it is a proprietary trader, the bank stands to gain the most from the transaction.

A business may also keep a stockpile of securities through proprietary trading for later use.
The business may then offer to sell clients who want to acquire equities that it has bought for speculative purposes to the firm.

Businesses can quickly establish themselves as important market players thanks to proprietary trading. The liquidity a company dealing with certain securities can provide may be advantageous to investors in certain securities.
A business may use its cash to buy the securities, which would then be offered for sale to potential customers. However, if a corporation buys securities in bulk and it loses all of its value, it will be compelled to absorb its losses.

Due to the advanced digital trading platforms, proprietary traders may also access a wide range of markets, automate processes, and engage in high-frequency trading.

On their computers, traders may design a trading idea, assess its viability, and use demo accounts.
Most private enterprises use entirely internal trading platforms that are only available to its traders.
Owning the trading software that ordinary traders do not enjoy is very advantageous to enterprises.

The business only makes money if third parties pay more for the security inventory or if the cost of the stock rises.


Best prop trading firms for beginners


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best prop trading firms for beginners

Make sure you sign up with a reputable proprietary trading firm to take advantage of a number of trader bonuses.

Consider a proprietary trading firm where you can trade using other people’s money and get access to the best trading platforms.

You have the option to walk away from losses, learn from successful traders, and solicit their advise.
When you initially start out in the world of proprietary trading, nobody expects you to be an expert. However, the key to your success is having a thorough grasp of the markets you plan to trade in and the trading strategy you wish to employ.

What to look out for?

prop trading

Before joining a reputable proprietary trading business, it’s vital to have a clear notion of how and what you want to trade as all of them charge start-up or recurring monthly costs.

Once you have a solid grasp of your market, it’s critical to choose a proprietary trading firm that will provide you the best chance of success.

To help you, we’ve put together a list of some of the best proprietary trading service providers. When looking for the best private firms online, it will streamline your search.



FTMO takes every precaution to ensure the success of new traders, including providing the greatest educational resources, trading platforms, and in-depth trader support.

In addition to offering cheap access to trading money, outstanding training tools, and performance coaches, FTMO pays up to 90% of trading gains.

They are the most well-known proprietary trading firm because of this.

The first thing you need to do is choose a prop trading firm that you can believe in. FTMO is one such trading firm.
They have more than 10,000 dealers worldwide, and their reputation is unblemished.

They have an excellent customer service team, and they accurately and promptly pay out earnings.
You should pay particular attention to the available instructional resources as a beginning with proprietary trading businesses.

One of the industry leaders in this sector is FTMO.
Every FTMO trader has access to a number of systems that track, monitor, and assess each deal they execute.
By comparing your trades to the strategic benchmarks of your choice, a coaching tool also allows you to improve your discipline.

Access to performance coaches is one of the FTMO program’s features.

The vital role that psychology plays in trading is often emphasised by these instructors.

The psychological aspect of trading is sometimes the most difficult for newcomers to understand, and even the most seasoned traders occasionally allow their emotions to interfere with the execution of their plan. FTMO is prepared to help.

Prop traders of all experience levels value FTMO’s profit payment and scaling method, which enables you to withdraw wins while growing your account at the same time.

In addition, even if you withdraw your winnings, the capital in your account can increase up to $2 million, and rewards start at 80% of profits and can go to 90% if you continue to meet profit targets.

Unlike some other prop trading organisations, FTMO will reimburse your initial payment and first profit split if you pass the assessment step.

Finally, FTMO provides the industry’s widest range of tradeable assets.

Although FTMO also allows trading in commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, equities, bonds, and other financial instruments, most proprietary trading firms only serve forex traders.

As long as your transactions adhere to the FTMO account guidelines, they don’t impose any restrictions on trading techniques either.

Your overall goal may seem to be hampered by having to go through FTMO’s two-stage review because you are already eager to start trading.

The assessment phase is the perfect opportunity for you to test your strategy, so I can promise you that it is the exact opposite. to familiarise yourself with your trading platform.

Your assessment period will last up to 90 calendar days, but you might be able to conclude it much more quickly if your profit targets are satisfied earlier. Each level only needs 10 trading days if you meet or exceed the specified targets.

In other words, if everything goes as planned, you will pass your test after just 20 trading days and become an FTMO trader.
If you are not technically savvy, you might not get the full advantage from the educational applications because they are fairly sophisticated. The customer support team and performance coaches are beneficial in that regard, but it’s best if you can learn as much as you can through the trading applications.

Surge Trader

image 1

A proprietary trading firm called SurgeTrader gives money to traders so they can raise their trading earnings.
Before becoming funded SurgeTraders, traders must first go through an interview to demonstrate their skills and discipline as effective traders. Investors that successfully finish the procedure will have up to $1 million put into their accounts.
75 percent of the profit that traders make is retained in their funded account.


This is a particularly advantageous profit split proportion, with the trader receiving 75% of the earnings.
In order to pay more or less for your audition, you may choose the package that best suits your needs by trading an account with between $25,000 and $1,000,000 in cash.

Methods of trading and investing are unrestricted.
There are no demo accounts; if you pass the audition, you will instantly start trading on a genuine account with the firm, taking real earnings and losses.
You can access BKForex’s daily trading ideas, tools, premium trading indicators, webinars, and more with a free 30-day subscription.
With no minimum or maximum withdrawal amount restrictions and rapid processing periods, withdrawal requests can be submitted once per month at any time.


It only started trading in May 2021, therefore it has a very young track record. A stop loss must be set on every trade to guarantee a maximum loss of 4% of the account in a single day.

Over the weekend, you won’t be able to implement long-term strategies since it will be hard to hold open positions. Additionally, the customers’ access to additional educational materials is limited.
The maximum open lots are 1/10,000 of your account’s total value.
A 5 percent drawdown is the maximum allowed.
The leverage is quite low, with a 10:1 leverage ratio for FX, commodities, indexes, and oils, a 5:1 leverage ratio for stocks, and a 2:1 leverage ratio for the cryptocurrency market.

Visit Surgetrader

Fidel Crest

image 2

Known for having the greatest profit splits in the industry, rapid financing options, a broad selection of tradeable assets, including cryptocurrencies, and a fantastic current deal that lets you establish two accounts for the price of one, Fieldcrest is a well-known proprietary trading business.
The finest prop trading company for novices is Fidel Crest.


Fidelcrest, which shares 80–90% of earnings with sponsored traders, has the greatest profit splits in the industry.
If you use the Fast Track option on certain accounts and get through the two-step review procedure with no minimum trade days, you can receive funds quickly in Fieldcrest.

If you pass the Verification Stage, or Stage 2 of your exam, you will be able to keep up to 50% of your money.
Because it offers the most cryptocurrency trading possibilities, it is the greatest proprietary business.
Fidelcrest engages in trading in a wide range of asset classes, including cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, and currency.
A Pro Account may be opened by traders with a $1 million initial account balance. After paying the first fee and clearing the first two assessment processes, you may start trading with $1 million.

With more than 6,000 merchants, Fieldcrest has been in business for more than four years.
Two accounts are now offered at Fieldcrest for the price of one as part of a promotion.
You may choose whether to use your free second account during the assessment process or sign up as a funded trader, which would give you access to twice as much cash as your first account.


Phase 2 trading conditions for the assessment are more difficult than those for the Trading Challenge.
For the majority of accounts, the maximum loss ceiling is currently just half of what it was during the initial period.

Fieldcrest uses your highest account balance as opposed to your beginning amount to calculate your maximum loss. To put it another way, you could theoretically generate a profit on your account and yet get a failing grade.

The 14 different account sizes and options for when to utilise your free account make it seem a little challenging to choose which account you want in Fidelcrest.


image 3

Topstep, like many other prop trading firms, hires traders in the stocks, futures, and indices markets and provides them with training, funding, support, risk-management strategies, and trading capital so they may profit.
Then, dealers receive a significant profit split as compensation.

Participants in the classes will learn profitable trading practises and steer clear of unprofitable ones.
You must first show that you can manage risk and trade in order to have a funded account. Subsequently, you will get incremental funding based on how well you trade.

Based on monthly pricing, purchasing power, profit objectives per step, number of contracts, loss ceilings, and trailing maximum drawdown, a trader chooses one of three account sizes.
Futures trading is covered under Topstep proprietary trading.


Depending on whatever account you choose, the first $5,000 or $10,000 in profits are yours to keep. After that, the incredible remaining 80% is yours to keep.

Quick assessment method

Only five trading days are required to complete Step 1, and there is no longer a set minimum number of days required to complete Step 2.

Despite the odd nature of this, one trader completed both procedures and was sponsored in just nine days.
Right now, Topstep is discounted by 20%, which is a great offer. Topstep fees are eliminated for you once you become a funded trader.
In only 2021, Topstep sponsored more than 8,500 accounts.
Topstep is a futures market authority. Topstep traders do over 5,000 deals daily on average.
There is no time restriction or timeframe for achieving your profit objectives. Additionally, there are a tonne of options for education and training.

There are times when having too many account options might be a little daunting. It might be difficult to remember the regulations that are relevant to the Pro Account, Premium Funded Account, or Funded Account.
Fortunately, Topstep provides excellent customer assistance to help with any inquiries.

Payouts from funded accounts might be a bit difficult. You must have five winning days before you may ask to withdraw your earnings.

A successful day is one in which you earned at least $100. You are only permitted to seek half of your profits each time you request a withdrawal.

Before you can make another withdrawal request, you must accumulate five more winning days. Of course, if you close your account, you may withdraw all of your wins at once.
Topstep’s monthly charge is no longer your responsibility after you become a funded trader, but you will still need to pay exchange data costs on a regular basis unless you pick a Pro Account that is absolutely free.


Since becoming a great prop trader is challenging, doing your study, understanding the rules, and selecting the best prop business for you can make things lot easier.

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List of proprietary trading firms

James Eaun

Top 4 prop firm
Surge Trader
Fidel Crest


FTMOBest overall Trading firm.
Surge Trader
– Variety Of Assets to trade.
Fidel Crest– Best Prop Trading Firm for Beginners.
Best for trading Forex.


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