Best 8 Crypto Prop Firms

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  • Post last modified:January 12, 2023
Best crypto prop firms
Crypto Prop Firms

In this guide you will find the best crypto prop firms to join and trade. I have reviewed companies that allow professional and proprietary traders to trade cryptocurrency with minimal rules and for most of the market.

These firms see the inherent volatility in the crypto market as an opportunity to capitalize and are widely seen as a major opportunity for traders in 2022.

These firms treat their traders as employees and aim to recruit the best ones from the open market, making efforts to ensure that they exclusively trade with them. These firms are cautious in their approach and traders can learn more about them through research and due diligence.

Best Prop Firm For Crypto

FirmProfit SplitDetails
Surge Trader
75%The maximum trading amount is $1 million.
The audition process is simple.
10% profit targets with no deadline for attainment.
Withdrawals are handled immediately.
ftmo logo
90%The maximum amount of capital is $400,000.
One-time expense makes it a good option for beginners.
Fidel Crest
90%Funding limit is $1 million.
Level 2 verification allows for bonus of up to 50% of revenue.
Offers trading in CFDs, stocks, forex, and cryptocurrency.
The 5%ers
The5ers Forex Funding
50/50Funding in actual accounts is available immediately.
Funding doubles at each step.
Three options: instant, freestyle, and $100,000 bootcamp.
My Forex Fund85%$200,000 trading capital.
Offers trading in forex, metals, indices, and cryptos.
The Funded Trader80%$400,000 trading capital.
Offers trading in forex, commodities, indices, and crypto.
Lux Trading Firm65%Excellent Trustpilot rating of 4.7/5.
Scaling up to $10 million.
No time limit on profit target.
Weekend holding allowed.
One phase evaluation process.
City Traders Imperium50%-70%A year to pass the challenge.
Funding up to $4,000,000.
Fast scaling system.
Instant funding.
Great education for traders.
Best Crypto Prop Firms

Are there crypto prop firms?

The answer is that there are cryptocurrency prop businesses, also known as proprietary trading firms, that let professional and proprietary traders trade cryptocurrencies.

These companies give traders the resources and infrastructure they need to conduct business in exchange for a percentage of the income the trader makes.

Traders must often meet certain requirements set forth by prop businesses in order to be approved, such as a minimum level of trading expertise or a specific amount of funds.

Before selecting a prop firm, traders should conduct extensive due diligence to confirm that they are credible and appropriate for their needs.

How to choose the best prop trading firm for you?

When selecting the prop trading company that is most appropriate for you, you should take into account a number of variables. Among the important things to take into account are:

Profit split: This is the portion of profits that the prop company will keep in return for giving you access to funds and trading infrastructure. It is crucial to take into account the profit splits provided by various companies and select one that is advantageous to you.

Trading capital: The prop firm’s contribution of trading capital can vary greatly. Choose a company that offers a suitable amount of capital based on the amount you are comfortable dealing with.

Trading instruments: Various prop firms provide a variety of trading options, including forex, equities, futures, and cryptocurrencies. Choose a company that offers the products you are interested in trading and take into account the instruments you want to trade.

Reputation: It’s crucial to pick a prop company with a positive reputation in the sector. Examine the company’s history and reputation using internet reviews and trader testimonies.

Assistance and resources: Take into account the level of support and resources offered by the prop firm, including books, trading tools, and access to a trading community.

To choose the one that is the best fit for your interests and objectives as a trader, it is advised that you conduct in-depth research on and comparisons between various prop firms.


Crypto prop firms, to sum up, are businesses that enable professional and proprietary traders to trade cryptocurrencies with few restrictions and for the majority of the 24 hour market.

These companies are commonly regarded as a significant opportunity for traders in 2022 and see the inherent volatility in the cryptocurrency market as an opportunity to gain.

Before selecting a crypto prop firm, traders should conduct extensive due diligence to confirm that they are credible and appropriate for their needs.

When selecting a prop trading company, you should think about the profit split, trading money, trading tools, reputation, and resources and assistance provided.

It is advised that traders compare and investigate several prop firms to find the one that best suits their needs and objectives.