Joel Peterson’s Journey to Financial Freedom Through Affiliate Marketing

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  • Post last modified:July 5, 2024

Early Life and Career

Joel Peterson grew as the oldest of 8 siblings. He dropped out of college after a couple years and tried doing his own things, but was struggling financially.

He got a job at a chemical factory making $9/hr, which didn’t pay the bills. This motivated Joel to find another way to make money online.

Discovering Affiliate Marketing

While working his factory job, Joel discovered affiliate marketing as a pathway to generating income online. He began selling items on eBay to supplement his income.

During this time, Joel heard about people making money promoting digital eBooks as an affiliate. This piqued Joel’s interest, leading him to find ClickBank and become an affiliate himself, promoting various digital products.

The turning point came when Joel earned his first commissions while asleep, proving to him that real money could be made passively online. Within just 9 months, he had already tripled his previous income from his factory job.

Having this level of financial success prompted Joel to hand in his resignation and pursue affiliate marketing full-time. It’s now been over 20 years since Joel quit his job to work for himself online through affiliate marketing.

Ongoing Success Online

Over 20 years later, Joel continues finding success online by creating his own digital products like Crypto Code and recruiting affiliates to promote them.

He credits ClickBank with making it easy to pay affiliates and enabling much of his career. Joel has won Platinum awards from ClickBank for 4 straight years, showing his consistent high earnings.

From Financial Struggles to Freedom

After struggling to make ends meet with a factory job, Joel took control of his life by building a successful online business through affiliate marketing.

Joel went from making $9 an hour to earning life-changing passive income online. His story shows that with perseverance and the right online business model, anyone can transform their finances.

The Crypto Code

Joel created an online education and coaching program called The Crypto Code that teaches cryptocurrency investing and trading strategies. It provides trade alerts, indicators, auto-trading tools, and a community forum to help people profit with crypto.