Wavebot Reviews: I Purchased The Crypto Code (Proof)- Here Is What You Need To Know

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In this wavebot review you will learn all the information you need to know what it is and how it works.

I bought the the crypto code not to long ago and at first its bit overwhelming but quickly got to know most of the offers Joel has in his member only master mind group. Even though the course is expensive but I have already made my money back and so much more from crypto algorithm trading (3commas Bot Setup) and earning affiliate commission by recommending it to my friends and family (Yeah its that good).

If you decide to take action and go for it, make sure to provide your correct address, as you will also receive a surprise in your mail after you join the memebers area.

The Crypto Code Wavebot Review Joel Peterson
Proof that I bought the membership

Wavebot.ai is one of the most fascinating setup in the automation of crypto currency. Joel Peterson is the founder of the crypto code and it is just one of the bot he has for his paid members. The other bot being the Predictions bot, which is a another topic.

Joel Peterson Wavebot Review

I will try to make it as simple to understand for you. The wavebot is a combination of Joel inhouse indicator which uses 3commas bot automation to trade list of crypto currencies Joel provides 24/7.

It has a profit rate of 0.54 percent to 1.25 percent per day on average and it might not sound much but with the power of compounding, it goes a long way. Use the calculator below I made on what you can expect from your investment.

Wavebot Strategy

Wavebot Daily Profit 130
  • Joel’s Invite only indicator (It is actually very good)
  • Using 3commas to run automated 24/7 crypto trading with a list of provided crypto currencies in the member’s area using the indicator.
  • Make consistent profit of 0.54 percent to 1.25 percent per day which you can compound everyday.

Pros And Cons


  • Provides a reliable and effective tool for maximizing profits in the cryptocurrency market
  • Utilizes an in-house indicator and 3commas automation to trade a list of cryptocurrencies around the clock
  • Offers an impressive profit rate of 0.54% to 1.25% per day on average, which can be compounded over time to achieve significant returns
  • Includes a profit calculator to help users estimate their potential profits based on their initial investment and daily percentage


  • As with any investment, there is always the risk of losing money in the cryptocurrency market.
  • The bot is only available to paid members, so there may be a cost associated with using it.

Wavebot.ai Profit Calculator

To make it even easier for users please use the custom profit calculator that allows you to input initial investment and daily percentage. This calculator provides tells you your daily, weekly, monthly, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and 5 year time periods ROI, giving you a clear idea of how your investment will grow over time. I been getting anywhere from 0.5% to 1.2% daily return and been compounding it everyday.

Enter the initial investment and daily percentage to calculate the profit on investment:

Initial Investment: $
Daily Percentage:


Daily: $

Weekly: $

Monthly: $

3 Months: $

6 Months: $

1 Year: $

5 Years: $

The Crypto Code Member’s Area

WaveBot Fast Start: This resource provides a comprehensive training program to help members understand and effectively use the Bot, a crypto bot trading strategies designed for cryptocurrency markets. Joel shows how to setup the automation on 3commas and how to request access for it.

Once you set it up you will be surprised when you start getting alerts on your phone 10-15 times daily of the closed profit deals. So, now a days my phone is on silent. (You can deactivate the alerts if you want)

TCC Trend Fast Start: This resource offers training on utilizing TCC Trend, which is a tool or strategy for identifying trends in the cryptocurrency market.

Crypto Beginners Course: This course is designed for individuals who are new to cryptocurrency and provides fundamental knowledge about the subject, including blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and basic trading concepts.

Crypto Masters Course: This advanced course is intended for individuals who already have some knowledge of cryptocurrencies and trading. It dives deeper into advanced trading strategies, technical analysis, risk management, and other essential topics.

Top 25 Altcoin Gems Bonus: This bonus resource provides information on the top 25 altcoins, which are alternative cryptocurrencies to Bitcoin, that are considered promising investments.

Predictions Bot Beta: This resource offers access to a beta version of a predictions bot, which provides insights and predictions on the cryptocurrency market.

Knowledgebase & Support Portal: This resource serves as a central hub of information and support for members, providing access to FAQs, guides, tutorials, and other resources.


Another addition to The Crypto Code suite that will redefine the landscape of crypto trading. Developed over 12 months, DexTraderPro stands out as the world’s first automated, decentralized crypto trading platform, promising level of privacy, security, and profit potential for users.

Key Features:

  1. Decentralized Trading:
    • DexTraderPro eliminates the need for intermediaries by allowing users to trade directly from their private wallets. This not only enhances privacy but also ensures that the crypto you trade remains securely in your control.
  2. Greater Profit Potential:
    • Unlike centralized exchanges, DexTraderPro opens the door to a broader spectrum of tokens available for trading. This expanded market access means more opportunities for profit, as some of the most lucrative crypto investments may not be listed on traditional platforms.
  3. Enhanced Security:
    • Security is paramount in the crypto world, and DexTraderPro delivers with its decentralized approach. By keeping your traded assets in your private wallet, the platform mitigates the risks associated with centralized exchanges.
  4. Integration with The Crypto Code:
    • DexTraderPro seamlessly integrates into The Crypto Code suite, complementing the existing tools and strategies. This means users can enjoy the sophisticated features of WaveBot alongside the privacy and security benefits of decentralized trading.


The TCC Forums: This is an exclusive community forum where members can engage in discussions, ask questions, share insights, and learn from fellow traders and investors.

TCC Telegram Alerts Group: This is a dedicated Telegram group where members receive real-time alerts, updates, and important announcements related to cryptocurrency markets and trading strategies.

Events & Weekly AMA Sessions: Members have access to live events and Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions where they can interact directly with experts, industry professionals, and fellow members.
Announcements: This resource provides important announcements, updates, and news related to The Crypto Code and its offerings.

Monthly Contest – Members can participate in monthly contests where they have a chance to win $500 bitcoin as prizes.


  1. Market Updates: This resource provides regular updates on the cryptocurrency market, including analysis, trends, and insights from experts.
  2. Portfolio Pass: This resource offers tools and guidance to help members manage and optimize their cryptocurrency portfolios.
  3. Request Indicator Access: Members can request access to specific trading indicators, which are tools used to analyze market data and make informed trading decisions.
  4. Profit Signal 2.0 Indicators: This resource provides access to Profit Signal 2.0 indicators, which are advanced trading indicators designed to identify potential profitable trading opportunities.
  5. Crypto Watchlist: Members receive a curated watchlist of cryptocurrency pairs that are recommended for trading using the strategy.
  6. TCC Watchlist: This resource provides a list of cryptocurrencies that are being closely monitored by The Crypto Code team for potential trading opportunities.

Premium Trade Alerts

The Crypto Code Premium Trade Alerts

Regularly receiving Premium Trade Alerts is a noteworthy benefit for Crypto Code members. With a commendable win rate of 84%, these alerts, delivered a couple of times a week, offer a valuable supplement to the WaveBot tool. Backed by a track record of success, they provide users with carefully curated trade setups, enhancing their potential for profitable outcomes in the dynamic cryptocurrency market.

Key Features:

  1. Ready-Made Trade Setups:
    • Every week, Premium Trade Alerts deliver carefully crafted trade setups directly to your account. These setups are designed to capitalize on market opportunities, allowing you to “buy low and sell high” consistently.
  2. Exact Entry, Take Profit, and Stop Loss Levels:
    • Each trade setup comes complete with precise entry points, take-profit targets, and stop-loss levels. This level of detail empowers you to execute trades confidently, even if you’re new to the world of crypto trading.
  3. Accessible to All Capital Levels:
    • Whether you’re starting with a modest amount or have a substantial capital base, Premium Trade Alerts provide a systematic and proven process for achieving significant results. The training offered ensures that even with zero trading experience, you can navigate the markets with confidence.
  4. Copy-and-Paste Simplicity:
    • Implementation is straightforward – simply “copy and paste” the provided trades to your preferred crypto exchange, watch them fill, and enjoy the profits. This hassle-free approach makes crypto trading accessible to everyone.

Why Choose Premium Trade Alerts?

  1. Proven Success Rate:
    • With an impressive overall win rate of 84% across hundreds of trades, Premium Trade Alerts instill confidence in your trading decisions. The alerts are grounded in a wealth of profitable experience, providing a reliable source for potential gains.
  2. User-Friendly for All Skill Levels:
    • Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting, Premium Trade Alerts cater to all skill levels. The simplicity of the copy-and-paste process ensures that even beginners can navigate the crypto markets with ease.
  3. Consistency in Profitable Results:
    • The focus on consistent profits is a hallmark of Premium Trade Alerts. By receiving expertly curated trade setups regularly, you can build a foundation for sustainable returns over time.

The Crypto Code Conclusion

Wavebot.ai is a trading bot that has been designed to help users maximize their profits in the highly volatile market for digital assets.

Developed by Joel Peterson and Adam shorts, the founder of the crypto code, it is a combination of an in-house indicator and 3commas bot automation that is used to trade a list of cryptocurrencies around the clock.

One of the key features of is its impressive profit rate, which for me has been between 0.54% and 1.25% per day on average. While this may not sound like a lot at first glance, the power of compounding means that these returns can quickly add up over time, resulting in significant profits for users.

Overall, Wavebot.ai in my opinion is a reliable and effective tool for maximizing profits in the cryptocurrency market.

Its combination of an in-house indicator and 3commas automation, coupled with its impressive profit rate, make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to make the most of their investments in digital assets.

Also Read my full review on The Crypto Code because Wavebot is only one of the tool you get from the mastermind group.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Crypto Code

How much does WaveBot cost?

The cost is $u003cstrongu003e1,997u003c/strongu003e and u003cstrongu003e$97u003c/strongu003e every month to keep using the wavebot automation, payable in either fiat currency or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThis investment grants users a lifetime license to utilize the software and benefit from its powerful features.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eConsidering the potential for consistent profits in the cryptocurrency market, the price tag represents a valuable investment for traders seeking to enhance their trading strategies.

Is Crypto Code Legit?

If you’re looking for a reliable and effective tool to boost your u003ca href=u0022https://cryptojourneyblog.com/introduction-to-cryptocurrencies-a-beginners-guide/u0022 data-type=u0022postu0022 data-id=u00221083u0022u003ecryptocurrencyu003c/au003e trading profitsm then let me tell you why this bot is an absolute game-changer and why you should seriously consider giving it a shot.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eFirst and foremost, Wavebot’s approach to trading is both innovative and sophisticated. Combining an in-house indicator with 3commas automation, it ensures that you have a well-rounded strategy at your fingertips. u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThis means you can take advantage of profitable opportunities in the u003ca href=u0022https://cryptojourneyblog.com/navigating-crypto-regulations-a-user-friendly-overview/u0022 data-type=u0022postu0022 data-id=u00221079u0022u003ecryptocurrencyu003c/au003e market 24/7, without having to constantly monitor the markets yourself.u003cbru003e