How I Made Over £1,326 From This Crypto Blog

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  • Post last modified:August 11, 2023

So I started this blog last year around May and posted my first post which was on where I had invested some money. Fast forward to today, which is the 10th of August 2023, I have some updates to share.

I mainly created this blog in order to write about my crypto journey. It has been a very good first year. I have made over £1,326 in affiliate commissions from Clickbank. I did this by promoting a course called The Crypto Code which I bought myself and have been using.

Clickbank Affiliate Commision

I’ve been into cryptocurrency for a while now. Back in 2011, I tried buying Bitcoin, but it was way different back then, not as easy as it is today. I had to sign up on a forum and plan a meet-up with someone in Bath, UK.

I wanted to get about £80 worth of Bitcoin, which could have made a big difference in my finances. But the whole travel thing for the exchange made me change my mind, and that was that.

Jumping to last year, I stumbled upon a course called “Crypto Swap Profits,” which they now call “The Crypto Code.” After digging into it for three months, I decided to put £1,800 into the course. It’s a pretty good program that offers automatic services to potentially make up to 1.5 percent profit daily from what you invest.

Let’s say you put in £10,000, you could get around £100 on average every day. The brains behind this money-making automation are Joel Peterson and Adam Shorts.

clickbank commision

They also have an exclusive invite-only affiliate program that I decided to be a part of as a promoter. The total of £1,326 comes from just two affiliate sales – that’s the commission. It’s amazing how powerful high-ticket sales can be, showing how much they can improve your financial situation.

Google Analytics

google analytics

From the past year up until now, my blog has managed to accumulate a total of 1,050 clicks along with an impressive count of over 27,000 impressions. This outcome holds a special place for me, given that it’s quite understandable that new blogs take time to gain traction in the realm of Google rankings.

Looking at the bigger picture, I’m genuinely thrilled with what I’ve managed to accomplish over the past year. Moving forward, I’m excited to keep sharing my experiences, especially those related to the world of cryptocurrency.

Domain Authority

I’m pleased to report that my blog currently boasts a domain authority of 8. While this number might not immediately strike you as significant, it represents a commendable starting point in my journey. It’s important to note that all blogs and websites initiate with a domain authority of 0. However, as one gains recognition and collects valuable backlinks from authoritative sources, the domain authority gradually climbs.

cryptojourneyblog doman authority

This dynamic becomes increasingly advantageous over time, particularly when writing articles or blog posts. A high domain authority facilitates the process of achieving better rankings. So, while an 8 might not seem like a big figure, it signifies the initial steps of building credibility within the digital landscape, paving the way for future growth and recognition.