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My baked beans journey began on the 8th of april 2022 which is bit late in my opinion. The team of baked beans launched the project on the 6th of november 2021. So give or take I was about 153 days late to the party.

Calculate Duration Between Two Dates – Results

I came across baked beans miner through youtubers who were talking about it. I believe some of youtube videos were marketing by bakedbeans.io team ie paying youtubers to talk about the project and some were just talking about it.

I invested 5 BNB of my own to the contract and for a week it was going great. But suddenly I realiazed the contract was getting drained. The whole community is supposed to rabake 6 days and eat on the 7 day.

The rise of the contract shows that I say most people were following the given plan by the team. But we all know that there will be some who will eat the beans everyday or follow their own rule.

Contract Address 0xE2D26507981A4dAaaA8040bae1846C14E0Fb56bF BscScan
Rise and fall of bakedbeans.io

The baked beans miner contract started to decline from its all time high 35,559.48 BNB which was on the 21th of april 2022.

Miners like these will eventually decline due to several factors like not having new investors, people not following the given instructions (6 days rebake/1 day eat), people simply taking profits etc to name the few.

So, I followed the given instruction till 19th april and started eating beans everyday to get my initial investment back when I reliazed the contract began draining.

I invested 5 BNB on baked beans miner

So after investing I kept a track record on my phone everyday and here is the list below. (Not very well organised)

8 april- 0.35 bnb rebaked at 2030 time
9 april-0.408 bnb rebaked at 2020 time
10 april-0.237 bnb 0849 time 0.222 bnb 2018 time 0.459 bnb
11 april-0.467 bnb rebaked at 2003 time
12 april-0.251 bnb rebaked at 0803 time 0.265 bnb 2018 time
total 0.516 bnb
13 april-0.236 bnb 0658 time 0.301 bnb 2020 time
0.537 bnb total

14 april– carry on

15 april-0.805 ate beans

0.12 bnb rebake at 1442
0.05 bnb rebake 1700
0.054 bnb rebaked at 1927
0.056 bnb rebaked at 2200
Total 0.28 bnb

16 april
0.2 bnb rebake at 0714
0.065 bnb rebaked at 1012
0.118 bnb rebaked at 1530
0.111 bnb rebaked at 2036
Total 0.493 bnb

17 april
0.246 rebaked at 0800
0.091 rebaked at 1205
0.125 rebaked at 1750
0.041 rebaked at 1940
0.030 rebaked at 2100
Total 0.506 bnb

18 april
0.211 bnb rebaked at 0654
0.101 bnb rebaked at 1134
0.045 bnb rebaked at 1337
0.024 bnb rebaked at 1443
0.065 bnb rebaked at 1743
0.076 bnb rebaked at 2113
Total 0.522 bnb

19 april
0.22 bnb rebaked at 0732
0.149 bnb rebaked at 1430
0.042 bnb rebaked at 1624
0.052 bnb rebaked at 1847
0.053 bnb rebaked at 2111
Total 0.516 bnb

20 april-carry on
21 april– carry on
22 april– withdrawn 1.081 withdrawn
23 april-0.345 eaten at 0700 0.127 bnb withdrawn at 1510
24 april– 0.175 bnb withdrawn at 2141
26 april 0.359 bnb 0734
0.175 bnb withdrawn at 2200
27 april– 0.113 bnb withdrawn at 1130
28 april– 0.161 bnb withdrawn at 0805
0.035 bnb withdrawn at 1300
0.03 withdrawan at 1800
29 april– 0.11 withdrawn at 1141
30 april 0.119 withdrawn at 0812
0.11 withdrawn at 2200
1 may- 0.067 bnb withdrawn at 1123
2 may– 0.09 bnb withdrawn at 0812
0.041 bnb withdrawn at 1814
3 may 0.073 withdrawn at 1423
4 may 0.066 withdrawn at 1049
5 may 0.088 withdrawn at 1910
7 may 0.087 withdrawn at 0809
9 may 0.073 withdrawn at 1242
11 may 0.055 withdrawn at 0939
13 may 0.048 withdrawn at 0013
15 may 0.056 withdrawn at 0905

Total 5 BNB invested
Total 4.489 BNB withdrawn

bakedbeans.io interface
Bakedbeans.io user interface

Final thoughts on bakedbeans.io

I still havn’t recovered my initial investment but hopefully within a month I will be able to get it back.

I really love this project even though I have lost a bit of money on it. I learned a lesson that if only I invested on the start of the project, I would have made a profit on baked beans.

But its ok because I am not far from my inital investment and it is a great project and have good community on the telegram group.

I hope the project recovers within the coming months even though I ate beans everyday after I realised the TVL going down.

That’s the name of the game I guess but I do believe people made tons of money from this project like the first people who invested on baked beans before it blew up.

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