Crypto Swap Profits Review (WaveBot.AI Reviews & Pancake Swap Predictions Win Rate 90%)

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By now you know about crypto swap profits mastermind (CSP) and interested in learning more about the course and especially the bonus Joel Peterson provides which is the trading view script for predicting and winning with 80-90% on pancakeswap predictions beta.

Another huge update on the mastermind group is the Waebot.AI automated buy and sell bot which executes orders to make passive income.

After you join the crypto code you will be able to get your hands on

  • Wavebot.AI (Trades to make profit)
  • Pancakeswap Predictions Indicator bot. NEW UPDATE
  • Mastermind Forum and Chat Group
  • Buy and Sell Crypto Signals
  • IDOs, Mining, Nodes & NFTs.
  • Farming, Staking an Launch Calender
  • Other Bots

Crypto Swap Profits Wavebot.AI Review

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Crypto Swap Profits Wavebot.AI

Joel Peterson has developed a new automation indicator which reads every crypto prices and using the power of Dollar Cost Averaging DCA aumatically trades for you. The only thing you need to do is follow the instructions and set the bot to make daily profits.

The system uses in house indicator which trades for you 24/7 using

He has put a bold claim saying that the chance of losing a trade is very slim and due to the power of DCA, it is mathematically impossible to lose money with DCA. If you do not double your capital investment within a year Joel will give you double your investment!

The profit on your capital with Wavebot.AI is 0.50% to 1.25% daily which can be compounded everyday to make more money.

But the course is much more than just the Wavebot.AI and Pancakeswap Prediction bonus itself.

The Crypto Swap Profits mastermind group is the quality training on crypto and how to make a profitable income source to quit your day job.

When you join the group you will not only get the trading view script for predictions but also the main meat of the course which is the videos and guidance on everything there is to know about crypto.

Wave Bot Strategy

What is Crypto Swap Profits?

Crypto Swap Profits is a subcribtion based mastermind group where you will be able to access the video guidance, tutorials, trade alerts and the trading view pancake swap predictions script which in itself in my opinion is the best feature of the CSP.

You will also learn about decentralised finance, crypto investment opportunities with video tutorials and many more.

Crypto Swap Profits Mastermind Review

Joel Peterson is the founder of the mastermind group. He is a crypto legend based of utah USA.

Having been in the crypto business since the early days, he has good credible track record of more success than failures.

Crypto Swap Profits is the master mind group that has been out since 2020 with thousands of members and growing everyday. It might come to you as a surprise that many people make their money back with in a day or two.

Some members have used the signal from the mastermind group and made their money back in a few hours of the token launch. The group is a team of highly motivated individuals looking to make money in the crypto market.

Once you join the mastermind group you will be greeted with this screen to welcome you to the club.

It will get you familiar with the learning and taking action environment where you will learn everything you need to know to get you started.

You can introduce yourself to the mastermind forum to learn about how others are getting successful on their crypto journey and copy the steps.

crypto swaps profits forum

First learning curve on the Crytpo Swap Profits

The training is designed from newbies all the way to experts so either way it will be a valuable knowledge for you to learn.

You can skip any relevant topics you already know about but if you are new to the crypto world be sure to check it out.

The Crypto Swap Profits training Part 1

  • Cryptocurrency Basics: Learn about the foundation of crypto block chain and the rise of crypto over the years.
  • What is DeFi or Decentralized Finance?
  • Smart Risk / High Reward Rules-Based Trading. 
  • Altcoins and why it is growing rapidly.
  • The Crypto Swap Profits Game Plan trading strategy and blueprint.
  • What are Major Risks in crypto and how to manage risk to gain the upperhand in the crypto verse.
  • Learn about DApps and DEX (pancakeswap, uniswap) and which one to use.
  • Learn about different crypto blockchains and protocols sytem.
  • Learn how to set up and protect your different Crypto wallets.
  • Learn how to fund your crypto wallet the correct way and how to spot scams.
  • Learn the CSP Rules-Based trading system.
  • Learn about IDOs and pre-sales and how to get in early on new projects before they blow up.
  • Learn about the growth of NFTs and why you should check in into it.

The Crypto Swap Profits Training Part 2

This is where you come to after the part 1 training and overview is finished. Part 2 of the training is the main meat of the mastermind group where you will be taking concrete actions.

The mastermind group you have access to:

  • The mastermind forum where all your questions are answered. You will have access to the inbuilt forum where you can ask questions to any topic.
  • Researched pre-launch potential trade/projects and pre-launch opportunities alerts.
  • Swap Alerts is one of the main feature of the mastermind group. The team research and drop the alerts one to three times a day to the mastermind group which you will take action. Most of the people just join for alerts and make their money back within a quick.
    • The highest ROI was 18000% from the alert which is life changing that means your $1000 would have turned to $180,000.
  • Group coaching and video updates to the ever changing crypto world where you will be provided with news and opportunities.
  • When you join the CSP and think that the course is a great investment you can refer your friends and families and make affiliate commision on it. You will be automatically get into the affiliate program and can promote to make more profits.

Final Bonus Crypto Swap Profits Pancakeswap Predictions indicator

Pancakeswap exchange has a game called predictions where you predict if the price of BNB goes up or down within a 5 minute time frame.

Joel has now fully automated the process of winning on pancakeswap predictions. He has created pancakesap predictions bot to place bets and collect your wins automatically and works 24/7. This is a great passive income generator bot.

The only drawback is you have to make a decision to either join the group now or pay more later when he releases the bot to his mastermind group.

The video is really exciting and shows that if you keep it running, it will surely make you money.

pancakeswap predictions bot

The csp loophole indicator has a track record of 60-75% win rate which is mind blowing.

Most people who join the CSP already make their money back from this indicator.

All you need is a free trading view account and input the indicator which is very easy and place your predictions when the indicators tells you when.

This amazing indicator was especially designed for pancake swap predictions by Joel Peterson and it just works perfect.

Is the Crypto Swap Profit Real Deal?

Crypto is taking over the world as you can tell by now and its talked about in the news, people around you and your friends.

It is not going anywhere anytime soon. The crypto swap profit mastermind group is legit and gives you all the tool and guidance on how to profit on the ever changing crypo currency world.

It will equip you with knowledge on how to read and be up to date with Defi, Dex, Alt Coins, IDos and many more.

Crypto Swap Profits Key Features And Pricing

The mastermind group provides all the training that you need to succeed in the crypto. The main advantage of the group I belive are

  • Pancakeswap prediction indicator Bonus loophole
  • Swap alerts which alerts you of the IDO, upcoming project and coins that are going to explode.
  • The Mastermind forum and private chat group.
  • How To tutorials and guidance.
  • Video course on learning about NFTs and how to trade.

The pice of joining the mastermind group is a one time fee of $1997 but you can get a discount of $500 dollars making it $1497.

To continue using the pancake swap indicator, swap alerts, forum, private chat and updates, there is a subscription of $97 per month.

But I believe you can get your money back within a few days of joining the crypto swap profits mastermind group like many other people.

So, If you are really thinking about joining the group be sure to take action and follow the guidance and training to help you really get everything out of the course.

The Crypto Swap Profits launched on march of 2021 and due to ongoing success with many members Joel is changing CSP to The Crypto Code in the near future.

News: Ethereum Merge

Here is the link to the Crypto Swap Profit Mastermind Group