The Crypto Code Pancakeswap Prediction Bot Review

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  • Post last modified:July 5, 2024

The founder of the crypto code (formerly known as crypto swap profits mastermind group) has released a new bot which made him $1,000 profits in just 2 weeks of testing it.

He has launched the bot to his members only group at the crypto code group. It is a new system that he has perfected which he later created a bot to place your pancakeswap predictions bet 24/7 while you sleep.

For many it sounds too good to be true but he has made it which is amazing.

The crypto code by joel peterson

The bot works in pancakeswap predictions and PRDT predictions at the moment.

The thing about it is Joel has been working on the bot for the past 18 months. It is the automation of the prediction indicator which he released to his mastermind members. Before you had to wait for the idicator to send you signal and place your bet but since the release of the crpto code prediction bot, it is fully automated.

Other than the release of his new prediction bot he also offers lots of other valuable tools and knowledge in his group.

He also has another bot called wavebot which trades crypto currency automatically using DCA and make trades everyday making extra money on the side.

I believe combining both bot will radically improve anyone’s goal to financial freedom.

Learn More about the Crypto Code

The bot is only one of the 7 tools and resources Joel provides. Read the article below for others.